Beautiful to behold, kind to our planet

We make our furniture from carefully selected wood.

Wood is quite amazing to work with: a living material, it is hard and soft at the same time and exudes warmth and beauty. Even more amazing, it produces the oxygen essential for life on earth. This means we have a responsibility to manage this vital resource wisely and not to use it more quickly than it can be renewed.

Forests throughout the world and in particular rainforests are shrinking at an alarming rate. If this continues, it will become increasingly difficult for our natural environment to regenerate itself.

When you choose Lakatos Antique furniture, you are choosing to be part of the solution: no less than five trees are planted every time a piece of Lakatos Antique furniture is sold. This means that together with our customers, we help maintain the natural environment everyone depends upon. Just as the tiny details on our furniture contribute to a harmonious whole, so too is every single tree part of our global forest.