About us

Only a small number of highly unconventional, curved secretaires were made in the 19th century and over the last 200 years, these have either not survived or have become cherished exhibits in various museums across Europe.

“Our mission is to reawaken fascination with this special kind of design, as beautiful as it is unique.”

Our first step is to choose a rare example of one of these works of art, one with a particularly beguiling shape. Next, we study the piece carefully in order to assess what is essential to its form. Once we have discovered this, we remove all non-essential elements of the design. We keep on adjusting tiny details – details so small that perhaps few others would consciously notice them – until they are perfectly in harmony with both the piece of furniture and our own expectations.

The result of this process is a piece of furniture in which the original shape is brought to the fore and can shine through.To create our furniture, we draw upon 30 years of expertise and traditional handcrafting techniques, so you can be assured that the piece we create for you will be outstanding and quite unique.

Lakatos Antique - Traditional craftsmanship with innovative passion